Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crimson Dragon (Xbox One) review

This was actually the first Xbox One game that I played, for the simple reason that Forza Motorsport 5 took longer to install. Not a good first impression, considering that Crimson Dragon was originally an Xbox 360 title and it shows. In fact, I'd say that the game looks average by last-gen standards. But you can't tell from the screenshots, can you? It's convenient from a marketing perspective that pretty much any current video game looks good in stills. Take that image up there. Looks killer, doesn't it? It's not. Also, Crimson Dragon is a dull, repetitive grind, so there's that. Read my review here.

Side note: Twitter colleague @passthemstickss, with whom I braved the glitch casserole that is Splinter Cell: Blacklist's cooperative mode, actually noted a couple of times how nigh-unbeatable my Crimson Dragon high scores were, which weirdly makes me feel significantly more justified in more or less tearing it apart in my review. I'm awesome at it! And I still hate it! So there!

By the way, shout-out to Brad Gallaway for hosting the article - this is the second review that I've written for GameCritics, and a third is in the pipeline. As much as I love HonestGamers (my usual critical outlet), it's awfully satisfying to broaden my reach a bit. I took a couple of important steps forward as a writer in 2013; here's to hoping I'll take a few more this year.

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