Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nidhogg (PC) review

I probably wouldn't have accepted this assignment if I'd known anything about Nidhogg ahead of time and surmised that it could loosely be described as a fighting game, as fighting games are one of those rare genres, like MMOs, that just flat-out aren't my thing. Turns out that I quite enjoyed the defensive footwork and tense mind games that drive Nidhogg's combat, which is a relief; had I hated the game, I'm not sure how qualified I'd feel in bashing it.

I don't know if I'd necessarily shell out $15 (the game's base price) for this one, given how skimpy the overall package is, but it's a hell of a competitive engine, should you ever get the chance to check it out. It'll probably turn up on a Steam sale for a couple of bucks somewhere down the line, and when it does, feel free to mine a few hours of sweaty-palmed entertainment from it. Read my review here.

Note: The game's score was composed by Daedelus, if Wikipedia is to be believed, which it always is. I'm unfamiliar with his material, but I'm always intrigued when a professional musician is called in to do soundtrack work, so there you go.

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